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Board Members

Ginny Butts  - Board Chairperson
Retired Director of Nursing at Futures Unlimited

Thomas Graber - Board Secretary
Retired Judge of District Court

John Showman - Vice President
Principal at Wellington Christian Academy

Shana Jarmer MD - Board Member
Practicing Physician

Ernie Fink - Board Member
Retired President of Security State Bank

Willard Isaacs - Board Member
Retired Investment Advisor

Jennifer Newland - Board Member
Community Member

Gage Overall - Board Member
President at Stock Exchange Bank



Jeanne Brown - LCP, Executive Director

Sheila Schroeder - LSCSW, Clinical Director

Linda Pfalzgraf - JD ,Human Resources & Quality Assurance Director

Michelle Stafford - LSCSW, Community Support Services Director

Stephanie Putnam - LSCSW,  Children’s Services Director

Jennie Pinion - LSCSW, LMAC, Drug and Addiction Services Coordinator

David Robinson - MSW, Information Technology Director

Lynette Turney - Patient Accounts Director

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